Masa’s CD, ‘Stand Up!’ is a little disappointing. Nori, if you still really want it, I will pawn my copy off on you. It isn’t terrible, but there are times during most of the songs when I instinctively cringe. It’s very cute, and very ‘Masa’, but singing really does not seem to be his strong point. I’d give it a C+, passing, but mostly for effort and enthusiasm. I feel almost guilty criticizing, but he is undeniably FLAT in certain places and it’s jut a little hard on the ears. ‘Thank You’ is probably my favorite track, it’s very cute, even if it does make me grimace.

~Copied from Nympholepsia’s LJ~


seburuk itukah CD-nya Masa-nii T^T padahal aku berharap cukup banyak di mini-album ini, secara baru kali ini saya dapet full-version satu CD isinya lagu2 Masa semua T^T Kalau gini caranya, apaSecret Live Concert-nya bakal berjalan sukses, ya? *pesimis

aakkhh!!! Penasaran!!! Penasaran!!! T^^T Pensaran banget lengen denger! Dimana ya saya bisa nemu??