Yatta!!! Finally, I got the animee!!! *jumping* I got is 3 days ago, when I want to buy some DVD’s for holiday. Before gone, I already make note in my head that I must find and buy Whistle! no matter what happened.

I didn’t know why, but suddenly I forgot about Whistle! thanks God, I add ‘Double Wind’ and ‘Sweet Days’ *both are Whistle! OP and ED song* so I already remembered what I’m here for.

Unfortunately, I just left a little amount of my money because I bought another anime T.T and, the DVD’s is hard to find. But, once more, thanks God! I found it!!!!!!

Yeah, just skip my boring story and this is my review!


The anime… I have some words to describe this. Good background graphic, bad characters draw. The story’s timeline is bad. And to be honest, I’m disappointed.

Aaargh!!! Really disappointed! The characters draw is not really that bad, actually. But compared to the background graphics –that are very good; the flow of the wind, the effect- it’s nothing.

Moreover, I’m disappointed by the seiyuu!!! Komukai Minako-san, I have to say sorry, but… I really disappointed. Aaargh!! I want to cry, hiks T.T Your voice is less of emotion. For example, when Kazamatsuri is happy for their victory and said ‘Yatta!’ her voice isn’t contains any sort of happiness and I heard it emotionless.

Seiyuu I like most in this series, maybe Higuchi Chieko *Shiina Tsubasa’s seiyuu*. Her voice isn’t *not isn’t maybe not like* woman, although Tsubasa is usually misunderstanding as a girl XD Her voice fits as well. When Tsubasa is yelled at Kazamatsuri, her *his (?)* voice is cute (?) hahaha….

And then, Fujishiro Seiji’s seiyuu, Takayuki Kondou also impress me. He can voices the noisy-go-round Fujishiro well *lol* . Naitou Ryo, Shibusawa’s seiyuu has almost same voice as Takayuki Kondou, make me confused to distinguish between these two.

Don’t forget Shigeki’s seiyuu *maa… I forgot the name* he’s really good~ with his Kansai’s (?)

Maa… and then, about the timeline. A little bit different from the manga, and I really bothered with it. I like manga’s timeline rather than anime’s timeline. anime’s timeline is messy >.< zannen desu….