Finally, I’ve watched this anime!!! At first, I just want to try this anime, because many people said this was good. And when I watched it myself,,,, highly recommended!!! You must watch this too!! I like the music most. The OP and ED song, also the BGM songs are awesome~ I like it >.< Demo nee, to be honest, I don’t like the ending clip too much >.<

The graphics are also as good as the music >.< I like the tidy and colorful graphics on the characters and the background. The seiyuus are good!! Especially, when Koizumi and Otani are fighting each other, or make a joke as ‘All Hanshin-Kyojin’ *lol

Although one anime is that good, the graphics and music’s are good, but the story isn’t, the series then wouldn’t be good. The story of Lovely Complex is good. And that’s the strong point. When Koizumi feels sad of Otani’s stupidest, she’s crying. And I felt I want to cry too T.T

On top of that, this series is highly recommended!!