Gyaahhh!!!! Finally! My Favorite manga-now!! Imagine, that this manga was released in 1998, and I just collect the manga now!? 

Actually, I fell in love with the anime first. At that time, the manga haven’t released in my country yet. I promise to myself, when the manga released, I’ll buy all the volume!!!

And, 2 years after that, the manga released!! I was very happy~ and buy the first volume. But my promise ‘seems’ broken. I didn’t buy the second volume. 

One day, when I promote to entered Senior High School, there’s manga-seller in front of my school. And I saw the 13th vol. of Whistle! At that time, I wondered ‘such a long time has passed since I stopped to buy Whistle!’ and I buy it. When I read vol. 13, I said to myself, ‘Stupid! Why did I stopped buy such a good manga like this!?’ So, I continued to read the manga, also collect the missing volume. 

Maa~ It’s time for comment time now! 

Kazamatsuri Sho–> Cute! Cute! Gyahaha…. Btw, Is your body really that small? A People like Fujishiro also can blow you up? ^^;; But you ‘adult’ face is also kakkoii~ Fuwahahaha…..

Mizuno Tatsuya–> Ehm A tensai one, with hot-blooded personality. Kakkoi, yes. But,,,,, Fuwahahah…. It depends on the people.

Satou Shigeki –> Free person~ I like your style, Shigecchi~ Wanna ask me join in when you want to run off from your house? >.<

Fujishiro Seiji–> Fuwahaha… a stupid but tensai ^^;; Nice to being teased on.


 Shibusawa Katsurō –> a mature and kakkoii GoalKeeper Captain of Musashinomori    Gakuen >.< He’s a natural leader, and his intuition also good.


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