The recent list. Some of the anime here, actually are already bought, but I don’t have any time *any mood ^^;;* to watch it. 

  • Saiounkoku Monogatari

I really want to watch thiss~~ but very lazy to buy it ^^;;

  • Princess Princess

Already have the copy, but lazy to watch it. All of my friends who already watch this give high rating to this anime, and tell me to watch this anime. But, yaahhh… I don’t have any mood to watch right now *although this anime just have 12 episodes….*

  • Strawberry Panic!

I don’t like yuri –and also yaoi- but many people said that this anime is beautiful, also the music. So, I think I should try this too. *but really, never want to see the yuri scene -.-*

  • Whistle!

Gyaaahhh!!!! My fav. Manga right now!!! I’ve watch the anime…. Maybe 2/4 years ago *a long time…* unfortunately, I don’t have the copy of this anime T.T Now, I want to hunt this anime until die. Hunt! Hunt! Hunt!!!

  • Prince of Tennis Zenkokutaikai OVA
  • Lovely Complex

I got interested in this anime when I heard the OST of this anime. What a deep mean contains on the songs. And I laughed when I know the meaning of the OP Song, Kimi + Boku =Love?

  • La Corda episode 13-and above

Oh, someone…. Please give me this episode…. I want to cry remember Tsuchiura’s face every night…. *one-sided-love?*