Meet again with me ^^;; How’s yours?

Because I was bored with the old theme, so I decided to change it, together with the banner *I’m in holiday now, so I have much time to create a banner ^^;;*

Yap! The banner is La Corda! Fuwehehe… because I’m fan of this series now, all of my entries are all about La Corda, and also the banner ^^;;

Actually, me myself thinks that the banner here is ugly. Really. T.T The real one I create is like this Real Banner

different with the banner, right? Y.Y

Maa… I’ll try to make other banner. But, really make the banner for La Corda is difficult. Since the picture is rare, and the size is small *usually* I have to search for a long time to get the picture I want.

Ok, I think I must stopped here, wondering that you must be bored to hear my story ^^;; Feel free to comment the new banner and theme. Thanks ^^