Long time no update this site >.< Sorry, I got busy with my assignment and test *damn all!!!*.

And finally, my final test was end!!! *party all night* And because my tests already end, now I can enjoy my holiday for searching info of La Corda~

I hope, I’ll pass my grade now. I’m very scare of not passing, because some of my score are poor T.T

Ok. I already make my holiday-plan!! *clapping hands*. First, I want to learn violin!!! Huooo….!!! Finally, the time comes when I finally learn about my-dearly-lovely-violin… *gets shoot*

And then, I want to sleep! Really, I feel my body sick of studied all night long for the test *burn my books*

Oh, sorry. I’m too energic, hahaha ^^;; because I really hate those damn tests, and now I’m do some remedial for my bad score T.T please pray for me, so I can pass my grade ^^