well, it’s my sillyness to realize this thing now. The fact that make me scream aloud when I knew about it, when I knew that actually, the seiyuu of Aoi Kaji is Miyano Mamoru!!


OMG!!! It’s really~ my stupidness to have realize this precious thing just now *gets cry* and now, I have to laugh everytime I heard Kaji’s voice. Just wonder, “Oh My God… ‘Tamaki’ is chasing over Hino?” *gets shot

This is the second time I got shock by Miyano-san. First, when I knew that he also be the seiyuu of Yagami Light in Death Note. I think, “Oh no! Will Light became a host and gather some girl to make them happy??” *lol

Well, when I heard the short version of ‘Tip Tap Shape’ *Kaji’s song*, I used to laugh again, remembered Tamaki again *bangs head

Maa… will Hino and Haruhi get into a fight to get ‘Tamaki’? *they won’t. Because the one who ‘fall in love’ is Kaji, after all. And I don’t think Haruhi will do something like that. “Why do I have to do something like that?” Maybe that’s what she will say *laugh

PS : Does the full version of ‘Tip Tap Shape’ already released? If so, please let me know ^^