Maa… Maa…. I was getting shocked again ^^;;

Yeah, I was getting shock again. At first, I already said that I am being shocked with the fact that Miyano Mamoru was being the seiyuu of Aoi Kaji. Now, I was very surprised, know that Lelouch Lamperough *Code Geass* seiyuu is Fukuyama Jun! That means, the seiyuu is same as Shimizu Keiichi!


When I know about that, I’m really shocked! ‘What! The cute-sleepy Shimizu-kun being ‘a murder of justice?” And really, I was collapse. Fuwahaha….

I know that fact after I fall in love with ‘Tenshi no Toiki’, Shimizu-kun’s character song. So, you can imagine how confused I am, to see changed between Shimizu to Lulu *lol

Actually, I know this fact before Miyano-san ‘accident’. So, I get shocked twice! *ask to the doctor, whether if I have to treat my heart ^^;;;