Sorry for long time no update this blog. I got busy with all of my assignment and test *damn all!!!*

So, I’ll write here, newest things I know about La Corda *manga*. Keep easy to send me a comment, but please not a spam. ^^

  •  It seems that Yunoki and Hihara aren’t in ‘Kahoko’s interested list’ anymore. Later, she discovered that herself *Kaho* being confused of her own feelings towards Tsukimori. But, she also feel jealous of Tsuchiura’s ex-gf. Things are getting complicated!!
  • There’s an extra-episode when all of the boys changed body.

Yunoki is in Tsuchiura’s body
Hihara in Yunoki’s
Tsukimori in Shimizu
Shimizu in Tsukimori
Tsuchiura in Hihara
evil Yunoki in Fuyumi
Maa, me myself have just know it several minutes later, and I got stroke know there’s something like that.

One question. Why Fuyu’umi is added too? Where did her soul go!?

I think that’s all *too little? I’m sorry ^^;;*