Since I wrote a lot about La Corda d’Oro in this site, and that anime is about classical music, let’s talk about classical music.

Do you know about ‘Mozart Effect’? It’s the effect of listening to Mozart’s composition. When you heard to Mozart’s composition, it said that you’ll gain smart. Well, when I read a book, it said that Mozart’s composition is doing nothing on the improvement of your smartness.

And, have you ever heard that Classical music can calm down your mind? Well, I think that one is true, for me. When I had a headache, I always listened to Classical Music, especially the one which have a soft melody, like Canon in D-Pachelbel or Morning Mood. After I listened and relax myself, the headache gone itself.

You can study better with classical music. I don’t know about that, since I haven’t study with classical music. But, I always listened to classical music when I do my paint assignment. I feel I can paint better when I listened to it. And I have read some books, that mentioned, the teacher who teach with classical music in their class, the student can get the material easier than without listened to classical music.

Another effect, I’ll add later.